Open Letter to the Leaders of the World

• Autor: Maria Inês Almeida; Flávia Lins
• Ilustrador: Fábio L. Miraglia
• Tradução: Kristina Speakes
• ISBN: 9786586106602
• Páginas: 44
• Formato: 23,5 x 25 cm

Sofia, a 12-year-old girl who is worried about the challenges faced by our planet, decides to write a letter to the leaders of the world.

In a good-natured and poetic style, Sofia writes about a variety of questions, attempting to diagnose what is wrong with the planet. She knows that there are many problems that could have sent the world to the ICU.

But she is a dreamer, and she offers solutions.

Open Letter to the Leaders of the World seeks to give a voice to the children who know the Earth is screaming out for help.

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