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Bessie’s in a bad mood – Vol. 5

• Autor: Alexander Steffensmeier
• Ilustrador: Alexander Steffensmeier
• ISBN: 9786561130028
• Páginas: 28
• Formato: 23,6 x 30,6 cm
• Tradução: Kris Speakes

A new adventure in a picture book with Bessie, the favorite cow. Bessie really doesn’t feel like doing anything today. She doesn’t even want to work. What’s wrong with her?

Actually, she’s always in a good mood. The vet can’t find any illnesses and all well-meaning attempts to cheer her up are futile. The sun is shining and her friends are playing their favorite games. No, Bessie doesn’t join in. And if she doesn’t want to play, she should keep her bad mood to herself. Bessie prefers to be alone. She grazes in peace, watches the animals in the meadow and relaxes. Should she go back to the farm?

In the meantime, the farmer and her friends miss Bessie terribly. And when she sees that everyone is thinking of a way to change her mood, she happily runs into the garden and joins them again. In what? In her favorite game, catch, of course. A different kind of farm story with Bessie the cow and all her friends.

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