The skeleton’s ball

• Autor: Jonas Ribeiro
• Ilustrador: Victor Tavares
• Tradução: Kristina Speakes
• ISBN: 9786586106619
• Páginas: 44
• Formato: 21 x 28 cm

There’s humor, suspense and terror in this story.
There’s a mystery in the cemetery.
A love affair between a lady and the skeleton of a gentleman.
The destiny that separated them decides to bring them together again.
A boy writes about his grandmother’s adventures.
The story starts to heat up when the Grimm Reaper goes to get the little lady and notices that…
Better not tell!
If you don’t have the stomach for things from other worlds, it’s better that you not even open this book and instead look for something a little sweeter.
Better to leave it where you found it and pretend you never even saw it.
Yep! It’s better that way. Your skeleton will thank you for it.

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