A place just for Bessie – Vol. 4

• Autor: Alexander Steffensmeier
• Ilustrador: Alexander Steffensmeier
• ISBN: 9786586106893
• Páginas: 20
• Formato: 23,6 x 30,5 cm
• Tradução: Kristina Speakes

Bessie finds a big elderberry bush while she is playing hide-and-seek. Eureka! A perfect cave just for her. Quick as a wink, she goes to the farm to get all kinds of objects to decorate her little spot. However, when she gets back she discovers the pony and the goat had invaded the elderberry bush. Not fair! Bessie had discovered the elderberry bush first. Soon after that it’s the chickens’ turn to invade her spot. That’s when the pony and the goat also decided to complain. The trio invented a way to scare the invading chickens away with a terrifying machine. Will they succeed?

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