Edited by Zhisheng (Edward) Wen (Macao Polytechnic Institute), Mailce Borges Mota (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina) and Arthur McNeill (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology)
• Formato: 23.4 x 15.6cm
• Número de páginas: 344
• ISBN: 978-85-64311-53-4

Este livro oferece uma discussão de assuntos teóricos e metodológicos sobre o papel central da memória no trabalho da aprendizagem e processamento de segunda língua. Inclui capítulos teóricos, estudos empíricos providenciando dados originais e percepções novas no assunto. Os capítulos de comentários traçam o caminho para pesquisas futuras.

Assunto: Aquisição de linguagem, cognição e a psicologia cognitiva, aprendizagem de línguas: habilidades específicas, bilinguismo e multilinguismo

Tema: aquisição de linguagem, bilinguismo e multilinguismo, cognição e psicologia, aprendizagem de línguas, habilidades específicas

This book offers a discussion of theoretical and methodological issues concerning the pivotal role of working memory in second language learning and processing. It includes theoretical chapters, empirical studies providing original data and new insights into the topic, and commentary chapters which chart the course for future research.




Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Foreword: Michael Bunting & Randall Engle
  • Zhisheng Wen, Mailce Borges Mota and Arthur McNeill: Introduction and Overview
  • Part I: Theoretical Perspectives and Models
  • 1. Alan Baddeley: Working Memory in Second Language Learning
  • 2. Nelson Cowan: Second-Language Use, Theories of Working Memory, and the Vennian Mind
  • 3. Zhisheng Wen: Working Memory in Second Language Acquisition and Processing: The
  • Phonological/Executive Model
  • 4. Yanping Dong and Rendong Cai: Working Memory and Interpreting: A Commentary on Theoretical Models
  • Part II: Working Memory in L2 Processing
  • 5. Sun-A Kim, Kiel Christianson and Jerome Packard: Working Memory in L2 Character Processing: The Case of Learning to Read Chinese
  • 6. Yuncai Dai: Working Memory in L2 Sentence Processing: The Case with Relative Clause Attachment
  • 7. Alan Juffs: Working Memory and Sentence Processing: A Commentary
  • Part III: Working Memory in L2 Interaction and Performance
  • 8. Shaofeng Li: Working Memory, Language Analytical Ability and L2 Recasts
  • 9. Mohammad Javad Ahmadian: Working Memory, Online Planning and L2 Self-Repair Behavior
  • 10. Yanbin Lu: Working Memory, Cognitive Resources and L2 Written Performance
  • 11. Peter Skehan: Working Memory and Second Language Performance: A Commentary
  • Part IV: Working Memory in L2 Instruction and Development
  • 12. Kindra Santamaria and Gretchen Sunderman: Working Memory in Processing Instruction: The
  • Acquisition of L2 French Clitic
  • 13. Kaitlyn Tagarelli, Mailce Borges Mota and Patrick Rebuschat: Working Memory, Learning Conditions and L2 Syntax Acquisition
  • 14. Melissa Baralt: Working Memory, Cognitive Complexity and L2 Recasts in Online Language Teaching
  • 15. Anne E. Mitchell, Scott Jarvis, Michelle O’Malley and Irina Konstantinova : Working Memory Measures and L2 Proficiency
  • 16. Clare Wright: Working Memory and L2 Development across the Life Span: A Commentary
  • Part V: Final Commentary
  • 17. John Williams: Working Memory in SLA Research: Challenges and Prospects
  • Index

Author information

Zhisheng (Edward) Wen is Associate Professor at the School of Languages and Translation at Macao Polytechnic Institute. He has been lecturing in key universities in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao for over 15 years and has researched and published extensively in second language acquisition, psycholinguistics and other areas of applied linguistics.

Mailce Borges Mota is Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil and a research fellow of the prestigious Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). Her research focuses on the relationship between language processing and memory systems.

Arthur McNeill is Director of the Center for Language Education and Associate Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He has research expertise and publications in key areas of applied linguistics, SLA, teacher education and vocabulary teaching and learning.

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