• Author: Vivian Cook and David Singleton (University of Pannonia)
• Formato: 24.5 x 17.4cm
• Número de páginas: 168
• ISBN: 978-85-64311-55-8

Este livro didático oferece uma visão global sobre oito temas muito debatidos na área de pesquisa em aquisição de segunda língua. Oferece um vislumbre sobre como os pesquisadores em aquisição de segunda língua tentam responder às questões comuns sobre a aquisição de segunda língua ao invés de ser uma introdução compreensiva à pesquisa em aquisição de segunda língua.

Assunto: Aquisição de linguagem, Bilinguismo e multilinguismo, Aprendizagem de linguagem: habilidades específicas

Tema: Aquisição de linguagem, Bilinguismo e multilinguismo, Aprendizagem de linguagem: specific skills

This textbook offers an introductory overview of eight hotly-debated topics in second language acquisition research. It offers a glimpse of how SLA researchers have tried to answer common questions about second language acquisition rather than being a comprehensive introduction to SLA research.




Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. How do different languages connect in our minds?
  • 2. Is there a best age for learning a second language?
  • 3. How do people acquire the words of a second language?
  • 4. How important is grammar in acquiring and using a second language?
  • 5. How do people learn to write in a second language?
  • 6. How do attitude and motivation help in learning a second language?
  • 7. How useful is second language acquisition research for language teaching?
  • 8. What are the goals of language teaching?

Author information

Vivian Cook is Emeritus Professor, Newcastle University, UK. He has been researching in the fields of second language acquisition and writing systems for over 45 years and was founding President of the European Second Language Association (EUROSLA).

David Singleton is Professor, University of Pannonia, Hungary and Fellow Emeritus, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. He has published widely on second language acquisition, multilingualism and lexicology and is the series editor for the SLA series published by Multilingual Matters.

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