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Edited by María del Pilar García Mayo (Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU))
• Formato: 23.4 x 15.6cm
• Número de páginas: 304
• ISBN: 978-85-64311-60-2

Este livro apresenta pesquisa sobre a aprendizagem de línguas estrangeiras por crianças em contextos de escolas primárias. Discute assuntos que têm sido sub-representado nesse grupo de aprendizes, tais como aprendizagem implícita/explícita, interação, recursos para os comentários, uso da língua materna, consciência metalinguística, percepção e variáveis individuais.

Assunto: aprendizagem de línguas: habilidades específicas, ensino e aprendizagem de línguas (além de Inglês como segunda língua), aquisição de linguagem, ensino fundamental.

Tema: aprendizagem de línguas: habilidades específicas, ensino fundamental, ensino e aprendizagem de línguas, aquisição de linguagem.

This book presents research on the learning of foreign languages by children in primary school settings. It covers issues that have been under-researched within this group of learners such as implicit/explicit learning, interaction, feedback provision, first language use, metalinguistic awareness, noticing and individual variables.




Table of Contents

  • María del Pilar García Mayo: Introduction
  • 1. Ting Zhao and Victoria A. Murphy: Factors Affecting the Speed of Word Retrieval in Children Learning English as a Foreign Language
  • 2. Angela Tellier and Karen Roehr-Brackin: Raising Children’s Metalinguistic Awareness to Enhance Classroom Second Language Learning
  • 3. Carmen Muñoz: The Development of Language Awareness at the Transition from Primary to
  • Secondary School
  • 4. Ana Llinares: Learning How to Mean In Primary School CLIL Classrooms
  • 5. Amparo Lázaro Ibarrola and María de los Ángeles Hidalgo: Benefits and Limitations of Conversational Interactions among Young Learners of English in a CLIL Context
  • 6. Agurtzane Azkarai and Ainara Imaz Agirre: Gender and Age in Child Interaction in an EFL CLIL
  • Context: An Exploratory Study
  • 7. Elisabet Pladevall-Ballester and Alexandra Vraciu: Exploring Early EFL: L1 Use in Oral Narratives by CLIL and Non-CLIL Primary School Learners
  • 8. Yuko Goto Butler, Yeting Liu and Heejin Kim: Narrative Development in L1 and FL: A Longitudinal Study among Young Chinese Learners of English
  • 9. Anna Bret Blasco: A Two-Year Longitudinal Study of Three EFL Young Learners’ Oral Output: The Development of Syntactic Complexity and Accuracy
  • 10. Francisco Javier García Hernández, Julio Roca de Larios and Yvette Coyle: Reformulation as a Problem-Solving Space For Young EFL Writers: A Longitudinal Study of
  • Learning Strategies
  • 11. Annamaria Pinter and Samaneh Zandian: A Questionnaire Study of Iranian Children’s Understanding of Intercultural Issues
  • 12. Marianne Nikolov: Students’ and Teachers’ Feedback on Diagnostic Tests For Young EFL Learners: Implications for Classrooms
  • Rhonda Oliver: Afterword

Author information

María del Pilar García Mayo is Professor of English Language and Linguistics at the University of the Basque Country, Spain. She is the convener of the research group Language and Speech ( and the academic director of the MA in Language Acquisition in Multilingual
Settings. Her research interests include the second/third language acquisition of English morphosyntax, the study of conversational interaction and task-based language learning.

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